Where is L & L Kennels located?

We are located at 269 Hartzell Road, Zelienople, PA 16063 which is just 3 miles SW of Evans City, and about 6 miles SE of Zelienople. See map below:


What are your hours of operation?

Please see the Services Page for exact drop-off and pick-up times. To accommodate our small staff, all visits are by appointment only, thank you.

Can I see your facility before I board my pet(s)?

Of course, we are very proud of the facilities here at L & L Kennels and encourage interested parties to come check us out. Please see the Contact Page to make an appointment for a tour.

What are the vaccination/health requirements at L & L Kennels?

All dogs MUST have current vaccinations of rabies, DHLP, and Bordetella, please remember to bring papers showing proof of these vaccinations. Also, all dogs will be given a pre-entry examination to check for fleas and ticks. For the safety and health of the pets in our care, if a pet is found to have fleas or ticks they are treated at the owner’s expense. For your convenience, we suggest doing an examination yourself shortly before boarding with us to avoid any surprises.

What is your pricing for board and what services do you offer?

For our clients’ convenience, L & L Kennels has a One Price Policy in which all dogs board at the affordable rate of $14.00/night. For further rates and services, please see our Services Page.

When do I have to pick up my pet(s) by in order to avoid a full day’s boarding fee?

L & L Kennels offers a very convenient late pick-up time Monday thru Saturday of 12pm noon time. Sundays pick-up is by 9am.

Can I bring articles from home?

Yes, in fact it is a good idea to do so since articles from home will have you and your family’s scent on them, making L & L Kennels a more comfortable place for your pet. Blankets, towels, toys, bedding are all items you may bring. However, do not bring any item you do not want chewed to pieces or to get soiled since dogs have a tendency to chew and play with items when they are in their pens. L & L Kennels is not responsible for any lost or destroyed items, so we suggest putting pet’s name and owner’s name marked clearly with permanent marker on items you wish to bring back home.

Can I bring food or treats from home?

Food: Yes if you wish to have your dog given dogfood from home, you may bring in the dogfood of your preference and we will feed your dog from that supply. We understand some dogs may have medical needs (like allergies) or just have certain preferences, so if you wish to have your dog(s) fed with something other than the standard Purina brand dogfood we feed to our guests L&L Kennels is happy to accomodate and provides this service free of charge. Please note – you MUST bring in the appropriate amount of dogfood proportionate to the duration of your pet(s) visit with us. It is our recommendation that you put each serving in a seperate bag with your dog(s) name clearly marked on each bag. Please do not put treats in with the dogfood you supply.


Treats (to be given at bedtime): Yes you may bring in your own treats, however the daily fee listed on the Services Page of $1.00/day still applies, as the fee is for the time spent administering the treats, not the actual treat itself. For this reason, if you want your dog to be fed dogfood from your home, please do not also put treats in with your dog(s)’ dogfood supply, especially if you do not wish to be charged for Bedtime Treat administering. If we find treats in with your dog’s dogfood, L&L Kennels may understand that to mean you want that service and you will be charged accordingly.

My dog has special needs, can you accommodate them?

Yes, our staff has been trained to look after the needs of dogs with special circumstances. We often get asked about elevated feeding dishes, snoods and delivery of medications to name a few. If your dog has a special need, please see the Contact Page and fill out the contact form or for a quicker response, call us at (724) 538-3572.