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Your pet isn't just a pet, they're family. We know because that's how we feel about our animals. We've got dogs and horses and we love them all. And when it's time to go on vacation, or a business trip or to leave for whatever reason, well, it can be tough to find a place you really feel comfortable leaving your furry loved ones with. That's where we come in. That's where L & L Kennels is different. You can be sure your pet will be treated well in a safe and loving environment because L & L Kennels is not only where we keep our pets, it's where we live.

We're Always There

Nestled on nine acres of wooded private property, L & L Kennels is a cozy retreat from the stress of every day life. Change can be scary for an animal sometimes, so the natural surroundings coupled with the peaceful quiet can help ease your pet's mind. And to ease your mind, you can rest easy knowing we sleep only a few hundred feet from your four-legged family member. That's right, this isn't just a job for us, we built L & L Kennels next to our own home because that's our level of commitment to you, to the animals we care for and to the ideals we believe in: to provide the same level of pampering our clients would to the animals in our care, to keep them safe and loved, and to do so at a price that's affordable.